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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Weblog Tools

WordPress was the best weblog tools for blogger in year 2005. It come with a lots of plug-in features for blog. Now the latest version for WordPress is 2.0.3 and some of the hosting plan like is bundle with WordPress for easy setup.

Since it was develop by open source, is easy for those where want to modified for their own personalized view. The most popular theme or so call blog layout template used by blogger was "kubrick theme". The template was separate into 3 part as header, content and sidebar.

The header part is the top of the layout with light blue color, for the content part is the white color and the sidebar are in grey color. Some blogger use this template and do some modified at sidebar so it split to 2 part as sidebar1 and sidebar2. For those who look for the original template, click here. Some of the site where using the original template with some modification as slackermanager and blog.tmcnet

For who are keen to know more about the WordPress, can go to the WordPress official website. For those are want to start their own blog, may consider of using WordPress. Other then that, there also have fews blog tools for blogger as and Flickr. So what you think about WordPress as your blogging tools !

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