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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Stat Counters So Called Website Tracker

Website Tracker

Stat Counters so called website tracker is much when we want to know how, where and when the visitor come to our website. There is a lot of free stat counter on market, some of them are provide some limited service where some of them just provide the daily report via email. The free stat counters that common use by the web developer or blogger is sitemeter.

Once sign up for the free stat counters service, most of them will email the HTML code that we need include in our website. So base on the HTML code, there manage to get all info of visitor when visit the website. Most of the free stat counters service will provide the info for the last visitor by location and by referrals.

website analytics

But not all blogger are using just one stat counters to track for the visitor,some of them use 2 stat counters for track the visitor. What do you all think about for those who use up 2 stat counters, is because free service report was not accurate as what we aspect ! Even i also use 2 stat counter (sitemeter and onestat) for my blog. What you think ?

Why we got to know how, where and when the visitor are visit our website ? Is because base on the info that we gather, we can know more about the visitor. If most of the visitor are visit the website from the keyword there look for where been include in our website. From that point onward then only we can put more effort (put more keyword in the content that will post in the website) so that more and more visitor are visit our website.

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