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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Generate Traffic for your Blog

When start blogging, i always asking myself how to generate traffic for the blog. Generate traffic for the blog is not as fast as one day or one week, some of them take about few months to generate traffic but some of them just take about few weeks. Here are the 10 steps that can do to generate get more traffic for your blog.
  1. Post every day
  2. Use hot word in your blog with Technorati Tag
  3. Get a clear theme that people find valuable so can get more reader to come back to your blog.
  4. Get blog friends and link to other people blog. (they will probably link back to you.)
  5. Create your original and timeless contents.
  6. Do some search engine optimization on your blog.
  7. Use Ping services. (Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic)
  8. Use Flickr for your public photos and link to the articles in your Flickr descriptions.
  9. Use extensive tagging and keyword inside your articles and on services like
  10. Bookmark every article at (and other appropriate bookmarking services).

Feel free to add to this list in the comments area. What works for you?

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