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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Performancing for Firefox - Blog Editor

PerformancingForFirefoxBlog is Blog is "hottest" topic in street now, even 9 year old kids know how to start writing their own blogs. There are a lot of ways to publish blogs, most people use zoundry, Qumana and BlogJet. But if you are looking for a blogging software that can enhance user experience, "Performancing for Firefox" maybe is the software you searching for. It's intergraded with firefox browser and easy for blogger to writing and posting the blog when browser.

Performancing for Firefox is a blog editor, below are the features and benefits.
  • It's free
  • Can set up for multiple blogs
  • Full WYSIWYG and source editing
  • Select posting entries with multiple categories
  • Technorati and Delicous support
  • Trackback and ping support
  • Draft and preview support
  • Click on the "notepad" in the bottom corner of firefox browser to quickly launch editor
  • Fully-integrated with Performancing metrics tools
  • Fast and easy to use
Blog Editor

Suitable for the blogger who look for the blog editor where writing and posting blog when browsing or reading the article in the browser

Performancing For Firefox

Remarks: I have try and realize that got some features are not included.
  • No spell check
  • Better Image are not upload but use image original path to display on our blog
  • Cannot check or view the previous post (for one-shoot posting)

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