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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Google Trends in Chinese

Google Trends in Chinese version. How to translate "What in the world search" in Chinese? "世界在搜索什么" Google says on the main page for Google Trends in Chinese. With google Trends we can know what in the world search in more detail as year, town, country and language.

Below are the screenshot taken when I use google trends in Chinese to search some of the keyword.

Keyword : IE

Keyword : Firefox

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I'm Back

I'm been away for 10 days and never update my blog. Finally I finished my assignment within these 10 days and do some research for my web hosting with wordpress. Just got my web hosting last week and on the way to configure it, soon will move all my current blog to wordpress.

Is not easy to configure and modifier wordpress for blog, sometime we need to put lot effort just to make it as good as we can. Within this period, I really do lot of research on wordpress and hopefully it helps for me to configure and move my current blog to wordpress.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WordPress Plugin for Adsense

Google Adsense is probably the best way to earn passive income online, are you agreed? For those who are using WordPress for blogging , here is the plug-in for adsense. This WordPress plug-in is offering the advance options for blogger to managing and insertion of the Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN).

Below are the features of the WordPress plug-in for Adsense.

  • Use simple HTML comments for embedding AdSense or Yahoo! Publisher Network ads in a WordPress post
  • Choose from any number of ad styles and format on a post-by-post basis
  • Globally change ad styles
  • Selectively disable display of individual ad styles or all ads
  • Integrated AdSense Preview tool (a sandbox) for seeing what ads will appear on a given page. (Stand-alone AdSense SandBox Tool also available)
  • All settings configured through WordPress Options interface (no knowledge of plugins or PHP required)
  • Easily test different ad formats and color styles across (all, or) a range of blog posts.
  • (Optionally) Apply CSS formatting to the AdSense code.
  • Does not display live ads when editing a page, instead placeholders are shown.
  • Ads are EXCLUDED from RSS feeds - even if you have full-text feeds enabled. (new in v0.3)
  • Preview your ad blocks from the AdSense-Deluxe options page (in case you forget what the ad style looks like), and ads can be clicked without penalty since they use a test account.
  • Support for wp-tiger-admin plugin's CSS in post/page editor QuickTags

Adsense Beautifier

Remark: This is good news for blogger who using WordPress, it make easier for blogger to insert and manage the adsense. Beside that, it saves time for blogger too. Soon I will host my own blog by using WordPress. Sure I will use this WordPress plug-in in my blog and hope it giving the advantage for all blogger who using this plug-in too.

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