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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Messenger Plus! Live

Windows Live Messenger been released since last few months, but some how i feel that is not perfect enough. Trust me, install the Windows Live Messenger with the Messenger Plus! Live. It's the enhance features for Windows Live Messenger.

Below are the features of Messenger Plus! Live

  • Tabbed chats
  • Quick Texts
  • Custom Sounds
  • Colors, formatting and commands
  • Personalized Status
  • Messenger Lock
  • Contacts on Desktop
  • HTML Chat Logging
  • Event viewer and event logging
  • Contact List Clean-up
  • Polygamy (run multiple Messenger sessions)

Messenger Plus! Live

Remark: Messenger Plus! Live is the free extension for Windows Live Messenger. It's really great for those who are using Windows Live Messenger. Download and install now.

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