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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft Messenger finally can chat.

Is a great news for everyone who using Yahoo and Microsoft messenger. If you are using Yahoo or Microsoft messenger, would you like chat to each other just by using either one messenger? It's really great that we can chat through each other by using either one messenger. You just need the latest Yahoo or Microsoft messenger from Microsoft or Yahoo, and then only you are able chat to each other.

Below are the features for Windows Live Messenger (Microsoft)

  • PC-to-PC Calling
  • Telephone calling
  • Video conversations
  • Sharing Folders
  • Text message their phones
  • Two-way, super-powered address book
  • Windows Live Alerts
  • Talk to your Yahoo! friends

Below are the features for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (version 8)

  • Free worldwide PC-to-PC calls*
  • PC-to-phone calls at super low rates*
  • Drag and drop photo and file sharing
  • Listen to free web radio
  • Share IMs from your mobile phone
  • Share live video with your webcam
  • Use fun Emoticons, Audibles, and Avatars
  • Connect to Windows Live (MSN) Messenger
  • Plug-in the fun

Follow the following step so you are able chat to each other by using Yahoo or Microsoft messenger.

  1. Install the latest version of messenger - you can get in here (Yahoo or Microsoft)
  2. For Yahoo and Microsoft chat to each other, you need register to join the test. Yahoo Messenger register your ID here and Microsoft Messenger register your ID here.
  3. Microsoft Messenger - Add your friend's Yahoo! address to your contact list ('Yahoo ID' +
  4. Yahoo Messenger - Click Add a Contact button on the main Yahoo! Messenger with Voice Beta. Then simply add your MSN contacts to your Messenger List.

Ok, done and you are able chat by using Yahoo or Microsoft to each other.

Remark: After i install and register, now i'm able to use either Yahoo or Microsoft messenger chat to each other. But for us to use on this service now, we need to make sure our contact person have the latest version of messenger and register to join in the test list. Then only we are able chat to each other. Anyway, hope this service official release to public soon.

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