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Monday, July 10, 2006

Microsoft Private Folder - Free

If you are sharing the computer with your colleague, roommates, family or someone else, have you think how and where to store your private data in the computer? With Microsoft Private Folder installed each user account in the computer will having their own private folder where just can access by them with password protected. Each time user just double click on the My Private Folder where locate on the desktop, and then key in the password to access that folder. Right click My Private Folder and select Lock to lock back the folder.

Below are the benefits and features for Microsoft Private Folder:
  • Simple to install and use.
  • It's free.
  • Files are encrypted
  • Password Protected
  • Files can be import and export
  • Auto lock after several idle minutes (user set).
  • Support both NTFS and Fat32.

Microsoft Private Folder (Official Version)
Microsoft Private Folder (Crack Version)

With Microsoft Private Folder, we can store our own private data in the computer where are sharing with someone. But the limitations of the private folder are cannot be move and rename. The most important is the password, you are not able to access your own private folder if you lost the password.

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