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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Beta Candidate Now Available

Since Microsoft launches the Internet Explorer 7 Beta version, Mozilla will launch the Firefox 2.0 beta to public too. Still long ways for mozilla release the final version of firefox 2.0 to public since there just launch the Firefox 2.0 Beta Candidate version. Click here to view the firefox roadmap where i get from the Mozilla official website.

For those who are firefox supporter, don't miss the opportunity to download the firefox 2.0 beta candidate version to play around before the final version release. There have pretty build-in features in firefox 2.0 where can enhance the user's browsing experience. The interfaces of firefox 2.0 are still the same as the current version ( unlike the IE7 had radical changes on the interface.

Below are the new features from firefox 2.0

  • Spell checker
  • Anti-phishing
  • Horizontal scrolling capability for tabs
  • Close a tab directly from within the tab itself
  • Session Restore

Firefox 2.0 Beta (Win Mac Linux)

Remark: Just install firefox 2.0, is great and user friendly browser. I have an experience that to terminate the firefox 2.0 when pc hang. When open back the firefox it will recover all my previous page even i had restart my pc. Hopefully the final version of firefox 2.0 will launch soon.

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