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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Online Applications (Google Spreadsheet) - Part 1

Have you realized that our daily use applications such as excel, word, power point and etc, now are available on the web. Its call online applications where we can create, store, edit and share on the web from anywhere and anytime without download the software. Microsoft Corp also offered this kind of service (Microsoft Office 2007) within their web browser.

Google launch of a free web-based spreadsheet program to public and the service support Microsoft IE 6 and Firefox 1.07 and above. We are able to create, store, edit and share the excel file from multiple computer over the web with Google spreadsheet.

Below are the features and advantages of Google Spreadsheet

  • Create basic spreadsheets from scratch
  • Upload your spreadsheet files
  • Familiar desktop feel makes editing a breeze
  • Choose who can access your spreadsheets
  • Share documents instantly
  • Edit with others in real time
  • Edit from anywhere
  • Never lose your work
  • Easily save and export copies

Remark: Google spreadsheet is more powerful then what we think. For us to enable access the google spreadsheet, we just need login with our google account. For those who not have google account, can create an account here.

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