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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Install IIS For Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Home Edition is not come with IIS service. So for those who need IIS to run on some application, there need go for Windows XP Pro Edition. It's that great that windows xp home edition is come with IIS service? We still can install the IIS service on Windows XP Home edition as the step below.

  1. We need the installation CD of Windows 2000 Professional or Server
  2. Copy the directory i386 from the WinXP Home to your hard disk (If you don't have 2 CD-ROM)
  3. In this directory (i386) there is a file called IMS.CAB with WinRar (or something similar) unpack the content to a temporary folder (you will need them at the end of the installation)
  4. Search for and find the file: c:\WINDOWS\INF\SYSOC.INF
  5. In the section [COMPONENTS] you will find this line: iis=iis.dll,OcEntry,iis.inf,hide,7
  6. Change it to this: iis=iis2.dll,OcEntry,iis2.inf,,7 (remember to change the name in iis2.dll and iis2.inf and to eliminate the word hide. In this way you bypass the protection of XP home)
  7. From the Win2000 cd (Pro or Server) take the files: iis.dl_ and iis.in_ that are in the i386 folder and copy them on your desktop, open a dos windows and with the prompt pointing at your desktop edit the following commands:
    this will generate two new files named iis2.dll and iis2.inf
    copy and paste IIS2:DLL to c:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SETUP\
    and IIS.INF to c:\WINDOWS\INF\
  8. Go to control panel/application/windows components (I don't have an English version of Windows so I don't know exactly the name) and start windows installer. You will see "Internet Information server" is now available as a checkable option.
  9. Select it (I suggest that if you are looking only for PWS to select only that because the more components you install the more files you have to search for)
  10. It will need about 10/15 minutes and during that time the system is going to ask you for a lot of files: some are in XP Home CD other in Win2000 CD. At a certain point the system will ask you for the EXCH_adsiisex.dll file: it is the file you have extracted at the point 3 of this guide, select it and you should go on without trouble.
  11. At the end restart you computer.
  12. Test if it is working: open Internet Explorer and type in the address line: http://localhost
  13. If it will not work, try the following:
    open a DOS window and type: iisreset /RESTART
    go to web proprieties in "directory protection" (I don't know if this is the exact name on an English version) click on "modify" (or edit, as said before I don't have an English version ...) "browse" and finally"find". You will see all user in your PC. Select the one you are working with and click OK. In the text-box you will see PcName\UserName. Click OK to close the window. Remember to uncheck "password Control) and click OK three times. Close and restart the web server and retry point 12. If all is correct you will see the default presentation page of IIS 5 and the online help

IIS for WinXP Home

Remark: Remember that microsoft are not giving any support of installation IIS on WinXP Home. Any way is work with my WinXP Home. Hope it work for your WinXP too.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Send & Receive Yahoo Mail with POP3/SMTP

Have you think before receiving yahoo mail by using email client as Ms Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird and etc. For those who have more then one yahoo mail account is better for them to check their daily mail with email client. YPOPs! is an application that provide POP3 access to yahoo mail. YPOPs! is more like a gateway between yahoo mail account and email client. Email client will send and receive mail to yahoo account through it.

Below are the features of YPOPs!

  • Support multi email client
  • Easy to setup
  • Coexisting with spam tools


Remark: Easy to setup and configure. I have try with Ms Outlook and Outlook Express, is really cool and save time for checking all my yahoo mail. Give your self a try and you will love it.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Free Web Photo Editor

Do you know how to edit photos or pictures without any photo editor softwares install in your computer or laptop? Here's come the good news.Cellsea is offering web photo editor service to public user. Web Photo Editor offered by Cellsea is free and come with the most common features of photo editor software.

Below are the features of the free Web Photo Editor.

  • Supported file format (jpg, gif, png, bmp, tiff, fpx and pnm)
  • Maximum file size (2MB)
  • Basic Image Editing
  • Blur and Sharp
  • Image Distortion
  • Color Adjusting
  • Image Effect

Remark: For those who use Adobe Photoshop before, Cellsea web photo editor can consider the lite version of Adobe Photoshop and use it without install in the computer. All the common features that offered by Cellsea web photo editor are similar to Adobe Photoshop. Since is free, we can edit the photo through web photo editor anytime anywhere.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Online Photo Album (Picasa Web Albums - Google)

Now day's lots of people are using online photo album to store their photos. The reason is there can access anywhere anytime when is needed. Picasa Web Albums now is apart of google and providing the free service as given public users to store and share their photos on the web.

Below are the features of Picasa Web Albums

  • One-click web upload directly from Picasa.
  • Download entire albums to Picasa in just one click.
  • Scroll through them quickly, and rotate and zoom
  • Share the joy with captions and comments.

Remark: Open a Picasa Web Albums account with google gmail. For each Picasa Web Albums account, it's comes with 250MB of free storage space. For those who require more storage space, there can get a subscription to an additional 6GB of storage for $25 per year. The 250MB free storage is more then enought for personal use.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Messenger Plus! Live

Windows Live Messenger been released since last few months, but some how i feel that is not perfect enough. Trust me, install the Windows Live Messenger with the Messenger Plus! Live. It's the enhance features for Windows Live Messenger.

Below are the features of Messenger Plus! Live

  • Tabbed chats
  • Quick Texts
  • Custom Sounds
  • Colors, formatting and commands
  • Personalized Status
  • Messenger Lock
  • Contacts on Desktop
  • HTML Chat Logging
  • Event viewer and event logging
  • Contact List Clean-up
  • Polygamy (run multiple Messenger sessions)

Messenger Plus! Live

Remark: Messenger Plus! Live is the free extension for Windows Live Messenger. It's really great for those who are using Windows Live Messenger. Download and install now.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Online Applications (Zoho & gOFFICE) Part 3

Other then google, Zoho and gOFFICE also offer the similar services to public. Zoho are offering more web-base programs then google and more on office suite and productivity tools. The web-base program that offering by Zoho all of them are free and some of them are free up to certain amount of users as Zoho Virtual Office and Zoho CRM.

Below are the free web-base programs that offered by Zoho

  • Zoho Show
  • Zoho Writer
  • Zoho Sheet
  • Zoho Virtual Office
  • Zoho CRM
  • Zoho Creator
  • Zoho Planner
  • Zoho Chat

gOFFICE also offer the free web-base service to public as google and Zoho. The free web-base programs that offer by gOFFICE are word processing, desktop publishing, presentation and spreadsheet, but some of the web-base program as presentations is not yet available for public. Anyway hope the entire free web-base programs offering by gOFFICE will be available to public soon.

Below are the free web-base programs that offered by gOFFICE

  • Word Processing
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Presentations (Coming Soon)
  • Spreadsheets

Remark: it's great that all of the web-base programs offered by google, zoho and gOFFICE are free. For those who are looking to create, store, edit or share documents and spreadsheet, just register yourself for the free web-base service.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Online Applications (Google writely) - Part 2

After Google launch of a free web-based spreadsheet program, soon and not long google will launch another web-based program so called Google Writely (Web Word Processor). With Google Writely, we able to create, store and post our documents over the web at anywhere and anytime.

Below are the features and advantages of Google Writely

  • Upload Word documents, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML or text (or create documents from scratch).
  • Use our simple WYSIWYG editor to format your documents, spell-check them, etc.
  • Invite others to share your documents (by e-mail address).
  • Edit documents online with whomever you choose.
  • View your documents' revision history and roll back to any version.
  • Publish documents online to the world.
  • Download documents to your desktop as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, PDF*, HTML or zip.
  • Post your documents to your blog.

Remarks: Google Writely now closed for new registration until there fully move Writely to google system. But we still can submit our email here to the waiting list.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Online Applications (Google Spreadsheet) - Part 1

Have you realized that our daily use applications such as excel, word, power point and etc, now are available on the web. Its call online applications where we can create, store, edit and share on the web from anywhere and anytime without download the software. Microsoft Corp also offered this kind of service (Microsoft Office 2007) within their web browser.

Google launch of a free web-based spreadsheet program to public and the service support Microsoft IE 6 and Firefox 1.07 and above. We are able to create, store, edit and share the excel file from multiple computer over the web with Google spreadsheet.

Below are the features and advantages of Google Spreadsheet

  • Create basic spreadsheets from scratch
  • Upload your spreadsheet files
  • Familiar desktop feel makes editing a breeze
  • Choose who can access your spreadsheets
  • Share documents instantly
  • Edit with others in real time
  • Edit from anywhere
  • Never lose your work
  • Easily save and export copies

Remark: Google spreadsheet is more powerful then what we think. For us to enable access the google spreadsheet, we just need login with our google account. For those who not have google account, can create an account here.

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Yahoo and Microsoft Messenger finally can chat.

Is a great news for everyone who using Yahoo and Microsoft messenger. If you are using Yahoo or Microsoft messenger, would you like chat to each other just by using either one messenger? It's really great that we can chat through each other by using either one messenger. You just need the latest Yahoo or Microsoft messenger from Microsoft or Yahoo, and then only you are able chat to each other.

Below are the features for Windows Live Messenger (Microsoft)

  • PC-to-PC Calling
  • Telephone calling
  • Video conversations
  • Sharing Folders
  • Text message their phones
  • Two-way, super-powered address book
  • Windows Live Alerts
  • Talk to your Yahoo! friends

Below are the features for Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (version 8)

  • Free worldwide PC-to-PC calls*
  • PC-to-phone calls at super low rates*
  • Drag and drop photo and file sharing
  • Listen to free web radio
  • Share IMs from your mobile phone
  • Share live video with your webcam
  • Use fun Emoticons, Audibles, and Avatars
  • Connect to Windows Live (MSN) Messenger
  • Plug-in the fun

Follow the following step so you are able chat to each other by using Yahoo or Microsoft messenger.

  1. Install the latest version of messenger - you can get in here (Yahoo or Microsoft)
  2. For Yahoo and Microsoft chat to each other, you need register to join the test. Yahoo Messenger register your ID here and Microsoft Messenger register your ID here.
  3. Microsoft Messenger - Add your friend's Yahoo! address to your contact list ('Yahoo ID' +
  4. Yahoo Messenger - Click Add a Contact button on the main Yahoo! Messenger with Voice Beta. Then simply add your MSN contacts to your Messenger List.

Ok, done and you are able chat by using Yahoo or Microsoft to each other.

Remark: After i install and register, now i'm able to use either Yahoo or Microsoft messenger chat to each other. But for us to use on this service now, we need to make sure our contact person have the latest version of messenger and register to join in the test list. Then only we are able chat to each other. Anyway, hope this service official release to public soon.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Firefox 2.0 Beta Candidate Now Available

Since Microsoft launches the Internet Explorer 7 Beta version, Mozilla will launch the Firefox 2.0 beta to public too. Still long ways for mozilla release the final version of firefox 2.0 to public since there just launch the Firefox 2.0 Beta Candidate version. Click here to view the firefox roadmap where i get from the Mozilla official website.

For those who are firefox supporter, don't miss the opportunity to download the firefox 2.0 beta candidate version to play around before the final version release. There have pretty build-in features in firefox 2.0 where can enhance the user's browsing experience. The interfaces of firefox 2.0 are still the same as the current version ( unlike the IE7 had radical changes on the interface.

Below are the new features from firefox 2.0

  • Spell checker
  • Anti-phishing
  • Horizontal scrolling capability for tabs
  • Close a tab directly from within the tab itself
  • Session Restore

Firefox 2.0 Beta (Win Mac Linux)

Remark: Just install firefox 2.0, is great and user friendly browser. I have an experience that to terminate the firefox 2.0 when pc hang. When open back the firefox it will recover all my previous page even i had restart my pc. Hopefully the final version of firefox 2.0 will launch soon.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Microsoft Private Folder - Free

If you are sharing the computer with your colleague, roommates, family or someone else, have you think how and where to store your private data in the computer? With Microsoft Private Folder installed each user account in the computer will having their own private folder where just can access by them with password protected. Each time user just double click on the My Private Folder where locate on the desktop, and then key in the password to access that folder. Right click My Private Folder and select Lock to lock back the folder.

Below are the benefits and features for Microsoft Private Folder:
  • Simple to install and use.
  • It's free.
  • Files are encrypted
  • Password Protected
  • Files can be import and export
  • Auto lock after several idle minutes (user set).
  • Support both NTFS and Fat32.

Microsoft Private Folder (Official Version)
Microsoft Private Folder (Crack Version)

With Microsoft Private Folder, we can store our own private data in the computer where are sharing with someone. But the limitations of the private folder are cannot be move and rename. The most important is the password, you are not able to access your own private folder if you lost the password.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Google Adsense Notifier with Firefox

For those who play with Google Adsense, how often you check the earning from the adsense? Actually all the way I check my google adsense account through google adsense website, have you think before that you can check it rather then go to the google adsense website! Here is the alternative solution for those who look for the alternative way, where uses the Google Adsense Notifier with firefox browser.

Google Notifier is an add-ons features for firefox where create by mincus. After install the google notifier, we can check our earnings from the status bar where locate at the right hand site bottom of your firefox browser.

How :

  • Install the firefox browser in your computer - you can get it here.
  • Get the Google Notifier add-ons features from the firefox browser.
  • Open and configure the Google Adsense Notifier and Key in your adsense username and password. (view screenshoot)

Ok done, now you can check your adsense earning from the firefox status bar.

Remark: With Google Notifier install within the firefox browser, we can know our daily adsense earning by configure the google notifier update to google adsense database base on the time that we set. Hope is useful for you.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remote Desktop - LogMeIn


Have you think before to access your office pc when at home? I just did it past 3 week with LogMeIn. LogMeIn now offer free service to public, so faster register and open an account for it. Once you register an account with LogMeIn, you are able to upgrade LogMeIn free version to LogMeIn pro version with just a click and try a 30 days LogMeIn pro version with additional services. After 30 days your account will automotive downgrade to free version if you not subscript for LogMeIn pro service. This is the good think that we still can continue use on it rather then we use other remote desktop as GoToMyPc or Go2MyPc service where with 30 days trial and cannot access anymore if after that period.

Below are the features on the logmein free version

  • Open remote files
  • Check your email
  • Run programs
  • Run system diagnostics
  • Access from any browser
  • Access from wireless PDA
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • FREE to use


Remark : Yesterday night use jaring wireless broadband to access my company desktop with LogMeIn pro version, i hang on the line about 6 hours and it very stable and no single failure connection between my home and company desktop. For those who look for work at home by accessing your company desktop, LogMeIn maybe is the remote desktop service you looking for.

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

How To Speed Up the Adobe Reader (PDF) Loading Time

When talking about computer, first thing come across my mind is the speed. Speed of booting, loading, startup, and running. One thing make me feel frustrated was when open PDF file at local computer or at browser, it's very slow when wait for the Adobe Reader to load. When open PDF file with Adobe Reader, it will take up some time to load more then 20 plug-in for Adobe Reader before we can start using it.

Here is the 4 simple way to speed up the Adobe Reader loading time for PDF file.

Adobe Reader 7.0

  1. Install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat - you can get it here
  2. Browse to the plugins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Reader\plug_ins
  3. Create a new folder named Optional
  4. Move all files from the plug_ins folder to Optional, except EWH32.api, print*.api, and Search*.api

Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional

  1. Browse to the plugins folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Acrobat\plug_ins
  2. Create a new folder named Optional
  3. Move all files from the plug_ins folder to Optional, except EWH32.api and Search*.api

Ok done, you can now try to load any PDF file with Adobe Reader.


: It's really work and loading time for Adobe Reader more faster then before. Hope you all enjoy.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Performancing for Firefox - Blog Editor

PerformancingForFirefoxBlog is Blog is "hottest" topic in street now, even 9 year old kids know how to start writing their own blogs. There are a lot of ways to publish blogs, most people use zoundry, Qumana and BlogJet. But if you are looking for a blogging software that can enhance user experience, "Performancing for Firefox" maybe is the software you searching for. It's intergraded with firefox browser and easy for blogger to writing and posting the blog when browser.

Performancing for Firefox is a blog editor, below are the features and benefits.
  • It's free
  • Can set up for multiple blogs
  • Full WYSIWYG and source editing
  • Select posting entries with multiple categories
  • Technorati and Delicous support
  • Trackback and ping support
  • Draft and preview support
  • Click on the "notepad" in the bottom corner of firefox browser to quickly launch editor
  • Fully-integrated with Performancing metrics tools
  • Fast and easy to use
Blog Editor

Suitable for the blogger who look for the blog editor where writing and posting blog when browsing or reading the article in the browser

Performancing For Firefox

Remarks: I have try and realize that got some features are not included.
  • No spell check
  • Better Image are not upload but use image original path to display on our blog
  • Cannot check or view the previous post (for one-shoot posting)

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